The Avengers


J. Whedon


K. Feige




Walt Disney Studios



Running time:

143 min


Action, Adventure




Blu-ray; DVD


Physicists, Action hero, Professor, military research,
Harvard graduate and Culver University Professor Bruce Banner has become internationally renowned for his research on gamma radiation. He is persuaded by General Ross to join a military research group when told they are attempting to develop a method to make soldiers more resistant to radiation. However, he is being lied to, what Ross is really up to making a serum to transform humans into invulnerable super-soldiers. Banner makes good progress, but something goes awry when he tests the serum on himself, and becomes the Incredible Hulk. This means while Banner might normally appear like a regular Prof, he turns into a gigantic green monster when overly agitated. While the evil Ross wants to use Banner's bodily fluids to attempt to create better Hulks, Banner flees, knowing the potential evil that Ross could do with such uncontrollable power. This is probably just as well, since one can only imagine the ensuing mayhem in lecture halls or faculty meetings should Banner have to deal with whining students or pointless agenda items. Instead, Dr. Banner joins The Avengers, a team of action superheros -- Captain America, Thor, Iron Man -- who use their powers to save the world from invading alien marauders and other annoyances. Or, to quote Banner: "I can't control it... But maybe I could guide it, aim it in the right direction."
Teaching Notes
Portrayal of Professors:
An action-hero professorial mythos that includes elements of Mesmer, Faust, and Frankenstein, all wrapped up in the militaristic ethos inherent in American Exceptionalism.
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The stress of academic life takes its toll on Culver University’s Dr. Bruce Banner